Who is behind Familyship?

Familyship was founded in 2011 by two women from Berlin. Today Familyship is the largest active German-speaking fertility community. Learn more about the story behind Familyship.

Familyship in the press

We were often asked. Why? How? Who with whom? And what do the others have to say about it? What we have responded, we have collected.

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Our Familyship Baby

The story around Familyship: the who-with-who and why of it all. From wanting children to co-parenting.

> Our Familyship Baby

Founders of Familyship

Once a couple, now partners and still a baby together: Familyship. Christine and Miriam founded Familyship in 2011 and have been running the platform together ever since.

> The founders of Familyship

Familyship press contact

Want to cover family models such as co-parenting, rainbow family, or solo motherhood? We are happy to publish press inquiries via our internal distribution list. We are also available with our expertise for queries.

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