Founders of Familyship

Once a couple, now partners and still a baby together: Familyship .

It was in 2011 when a desire to have children arose in us. But the future father was missing. So our search through magazines and consulting services finally led us to the Internet. But nowhere was the right one there. So we had to roll up our sleeves ourselves. It took just four weeks from the initial idea to the first user. She came from Hamburg and logged in only once. After all, she was the only one. But registrations came in unexpectedly quickly, it was as if a number of people had been waiting for just such a co-parenting platform as Familyship.

Since then, the community has grown to what it is today. Our own desire to have children has long since been fulfilled. But we continue for all the people who are searching, who are still at the very beginning with their desire, where we once found ourselves. Our members are our guide.

v.l. Miriam Förster und Christine Wagner

Miriam Förster

Miriam only really feels at home when she is sitting at her computer and it is connected to the Internet. So it’s no surprise that she first worked as an online concept designer and later as an IT project manager. She can be considered a true digital native. Without Miriam, nothing would work at Familyship. She takes care of the technology, data protection and your requests.

Christine Wagner

Christine holds consultations, as a GP she deals with everything from allergies and arthrosis to zoster oticus. The Internet is also their home, but in the user version. Christine took the plunge into the deep end herself a few years ago. She co-parents with Gianni, and their daughter is one of the first “Familyship Babies.” This makes her the visionary and networker at Familyship, taking care of content and talking to the press.

Christine’s family history can be read here