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Accompanying children into life is a great responsibility. The fact that there are ups and downs is simply part of the game. Some stumbling blocks, however, are more typical than others. To ensure that you are well prepared to start your own family, learn from the experiences of others. Both parents and experts have their say. In online consultations you have the opportunity to clarify your questions with our professionals in small groups.

Avoiding stumbling hazards

Sometimes there are hurdles that seem insurmountable. Some of them are typical for a particular family constellation. You can read about what these particular hurdles are and how they have been successfully overcome by other families by reading some of the parents’ stories.

> Avoiding stumbling hazards

Our expert:inside network

Familyship cooperates with professionals on the topic of wanting children and family. Our network includes, for example, infertility coaches as well as lawyers, a doctor, a social worker and a few more professions. You can research their personal profiles at this point.

> Our expert:inside network

Online consultation hours

Our experts are ready to answer your questions as an active Familyship member. In small groups you can ask your questions online and get professional advice. Take the chance and get support, because the better informed you are, the better prepared you will be.

> Online consultation hours

Podcast “Wahlverwandtschaft”

“Wahlverwandtschaft” is Familyship’s talking glossary. It’s about family models like co-parenting, rainbow families, solo moms after sperm donation, and more. Everything you need to know in short episodes once across the ABC. Christine, one of the two founders of Familyship, talks to guests who have started a family themselves or are experts in the field.

> Podcast: Wahlverwandtschaft