Dr. Isabell Lütkehaus


Dr. Isabell Lütkehaus, Mediatorin und Konfliktcoachin

Dr. Isabell Lütkehaus is a mediator (BM, BAFM), supervisor and coach (DGSv) and lawyer. She has also written the book “Guter Umgang für Eltern und Kinder” (Good contact for parents and children) and runs the podcast “Familie bleiben” (Staying in the family). At Familyship, she participates as a mediator. Dr. Isabell Lütkehaus focuses on conflict situations within families and it is her concern to work out good solutions for the future with her clients in a consensual and autonomous manner.

You can reach Dr. Isabell Lütkehaus via our online consultation hours. If you want to talk to her, you can reach her via her website – but please note that this is not included in your Familyship membership.

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