Theodor Haberhauer

Psychotherapist (ÖBMGFJ), Child and Adolescent Therapist (ÖBMGFJ), Multifamily Trainer (DGSF)

Theodor Haberhauer is a registered psychotherapist (ÖBMGFJ), child and youth therapist (ÖBMGFJ) and multifamily trainer (DGSF). A focus area in his therapeutic work is within the LGBTQI+ community. In addition to therapeutic work with parents and children, he also offers simultaneous discussion groups in the concept according to MFT (Multifamily Therapy).
Mr. Haberhauer lives and works in Vienna and has a son from a co-parenting constellation

You can reach Theodor Haberhauer via our online consultation hours. If you want to talk to Theodor Haberhauer, you can reach him via his website – but please note that the services offered there are not included in your Familyship membership.

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Office hours of Theodor Haberhauer

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