You have a desire to have children – how to realize it


Just because you have a desire to have children doesn’t mean you have to have the right partner ready for the really big love at the right time. And then also get married. No, not really. Your desire to have children is allowed to exist and you are allowed to choose which family suits you best. You can still get married.

Which family suits you?

If you are still unclear how you could realize your desire to have a child, we have a few ideas for you. Based on your personal life situation, we will introduce you to possible family forms.

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Questions & Answers

We dispel common myths surrounding the desire to have children. In our Q&A section, we explain the most frequently asked questions about co-parenting, solo motherhood, rainbow families, sperm donation and, of course, Familyship itself.

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Success Stories

After more than a decade of Familyship, numerous families have emerged. Some of them introduce themselves to you.

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