Exchange & Networking

You want to exchange ideas? Really face to face? Great! So do many others.

Regional networking groups (on site)

The regional groups are organized on a voluntary basis by Familyship users. If there is no group in your region yet, feel free to start one – we will help you!

The Rainbow Daddies

Once a month, a steadily growing crowd of gentlemen meets. They are fathers, fathers to be or just want to hear what the desire to have children is all about. Many of them are gay. Want to stop by, just ask Gianni.


Info & Contact: Facebook page of the Rainbow Daddies

Carousel for co-parents to get to know each other

Sometimes it is pointless to write long messages. Sometimes it is also idle to talk for a long time, if it already does not spark in the first three seconds. If you want to realize your dream of having children together with one or more co-parents, but still need to find them, then you’ve come to the right place with our get-to-know carousel for co-parents! You have the opportunity to get in touch and get to know each other in a safe environment.

The event is offered in cooperation with the three Berlin rainbow family centers and takes place alternately at the Queer Rainbow Family Center, the Rainbow Family Center Lichtenberg and the Rainbow Family Center Schöneberg.

Info & contact:
Queer Rainbow Family Center, Rainbow Family Center Lichtenberg or Rainbow Family Center Schöneberg

Monthly meeting in Franconia & surroundings

Once a month there is a meeting in Upper- / Middle- & Lower Franconia in alternation. Meetings are held on the 1st Saturday of each month at 4pm. The meeting point is available on request by e-mail. The purpose of the meeting is to exchange experiences.


Contact: Email

Hamburg: Family meeting

Once a month, a meeting of co-parents as well as parents of children born from sperm donation and their children takes place in Hamburg. It does not matter whether heterosexual or homosexual, whether single parent or living in partnership. The purpose of the meeting is to share experiences, play together and is designed to allow participants to come together for as long as possible and to provide guidance and advice to each other so that trust can develop and friendships can develop.

Info & Contact: Parents School Altona

Regulars’ table in Munich

We are aimed at those interested in exploring the possibility of co-parenting or who are already making concrete plans to do so. Also welcome are “old hands” who have a child or children in this model and would like to share their experiences with us. Regular meetings are planned approximately every 3 months.


Contact: Litchi profile

Regulars’ table in changing cities

The NRW regulars’ tables take place approximately every two to three months in a pleasant atmosphere at changing locations in NRW. There is no fixed structure for the regulars’ table, rather it offers the opportunity for exchange, reunion and bonding.


Info & Contact: Email

Stuttgart: Future Mamis

Do you also want to share with other women and not sit alone in front of the computer with your thoughts of wanting to be a mother? We are a diverse mix of women from different backgrounds, ages, orientations, professions, choices (sperm donor or co-father). We meet monthly in Stuttgart (place and time on request).


Contact: Via the Facebook group SMBC BaWü

There is no group in your region yet? Then start a new regional group – we will support you. Just send us an email at info at

Thematic networking groups (online)

This group is for women. There is the possibility to exchange ideas in a protected environment. Welcome anyone who is either already co-parenting, already pregnant, or thinking about co-parenting. The exchange takes place live via Zoom once a month and daily in the Facebook group. The group is organized by our expert Jennifer Sutholt.

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This Facebook group is where both co-moms and co-dads meet. Important to know: active search for a co-parent is not allowed in the group. The group is exclusively for the exchange of experiences. The group is organized by our expert Jennifer Sutholt.

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This Facebook group is a women-only group. It is suitable for all solo mothers, whether after sperm bank donation, private sperm donation or in a co-parenting relationship. The group is organized by our expert Katharina Horn.

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Solo mothers after private sperm donation

Because private sperm donation is both legally and quite practically different from sperm donation from a sperm bank and co-parenting, this Facebook group exists. This is aimed at women – donors are not to be found here. The group is organized by our expert Jennifer Sutholt.

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