The family community

You already have a family of your own, or you’re so actively on your way there that you’re already counting the days? In this community you can exchange ideas with other people who have also started a family. You will encounter a wide variety of family forms, such as solo mothers, co-parents, rainbow families and other family constellations.

The longer Familyship exists, the more families exist. To meet the need for exchange, to be able to share successes, hurdles and moments of happiness with others, we have created a new community: the Family Community.

No matter if you are from Berlin or Pusemuckel, if you are a solo mother or part of a rainbow family, you are welcome in this community as soon as your offspring has seen the light of day. Find like-minded people, play-dates for your kids, and mediation when necessary. Togetherness through Familyship is designed to assist you in your family life.

Which functions can I use?

Search all profiles of the family community. Here you can search for characteristics that the family has stored (e.g. co-parenting, active father, alternating model).

  • Exchange unlimited messages with other members of the family community.
  • Maybe you are available with your experience to families in the future? You decide whether members of the Kinderwunsch community can write to you.

Remember the profiles of others so that you can find them more quickly in the future. For bookmarked profiles, you can leave short notes for yourself that you associate with the profile.

In your own profile you can store yourself and characteristics of your family. Your profile can be found by all members of the Kinderwunsch Community (if you wish) and the Family Community.