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You have a desire to have children? Are you looking for one or more people with whom you would like to start a family? Then register and get in touch with thousands of users who are looking for family founders. In addition, take advantage of our expert:in consultation hours so that you can start your family life well advised.

5 reasons to start your family with Familyship

Familyship is the largest German-speaking community for alternative family formation. At Familyship you will find many thousands of users who are looking for the person or people with whom they would like to realize their desire to have children. In addition, you can use the online consultation hours of our experts so that you can start your family life well advised.

97% of our users are satisfied with Familyship and would recommend us to others (*). You want to convince yourself? Then take a look at the reviews on Trustpilot, for example.

(*) Survey among all users from 2021.

It is important for us to clearly communicate which functions can be accessed via a free registration and which functions can only be used by booking a paid package.

Free use

  • Create own profile (this cannot be found by others)
  • search other profiles (to protect the privacy of other users, only an excerpt from the profile is displayed and photos are obscured)
  • Subscribe search

Premium features

  • Create own profile
  • search and view other profiles
  • Subscribe search
  • Write messages
  • Remember users and store notes

To use the premium features, one of the following packages can be booked. These differ only in terms of their duration. The premium functions can be booked after registration in the community area.

  • 18 months: 4,39 € per month incl. VAT (one-time payment in the amount of 79 euros incl. VAT).
  • 6 months: 8,16 € per month incl. VAT (one-time payment in the amount of 49 euros incl. VAT).
  • 1 month: 29 € per month incl. VAT (one-time payment in the amount of 29 euros incl. VAT).

All packages are a one-time payment. There is no subscription. Time-limited packages expire automatically, no cancellation is required. Expired packages can be extended.

With such a sensitive topic as starting a family, the protection of your data and privacy plays a particularly important role. On the one hand, we collect as little personal data as possible to protect your identity, on the other hand, we ensure through IT security measures that no personal data of yours is publicly viewable. In this respect, we clearly stand out from other platforms.

Familyship was created by us over 10 years ago for our own needs. At the time, we were a lesbian couple looking for a gay man who wanted to be an active father. It was only some time after the foundation that we realized that very many other people have a similar need as we do. In addition, we received a lot of positive feedback from many people, so we decided to further expand and professionalize the site. Familyship for us is like having a child together: we only want his best and get to watch him develop. You should also feel our passion when using Familyship.