You want to get in touch with other people?

In our fertility community you can meet people who want to start a family. If you’ve already started a family, you can share and network with existing families in our Family Community.

The fertility community

In Familyship’s fertility community you will meet people who want to start a family. It can be about finding a co-parent, exchanges with like-minded people, the great love, men who want to become active fathers or women who want a sibling for their firstborn, sperm donors, rainbow families, singles or multi-parenthood. In this community, the foundation for starting a family is laid.

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The family community

In Familyship’s family community, you’ll meet people who have already started a family. You should only join the community if you yourself are already so actively on the path to starting a family that you can count the days or are already part of a family. The community is for people to network with each other and share their experiences, hurdles and moments of happiness.

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