The desire to have children without a partner: this is how the path to having your own child succeeds


  • More and more single women feel the desire to have a child and want from the beginning “
    Solo Mother
    “(or also “Single Mom By Choice”).
  • There are several ways to pursue this desire, including.
    Sperm donation
    artificial insemination, co-parenting
    adoption or foster children.
  • Unfortunately, the legal situation regarding artificial insemination and sperm donation is associated with many disadvantages for single women who wish to have a child. For this reason, it is important to obtain information and advice at an early stage.
  • There are many arguments in favor of having a child without a partner. Nevertheless, it is important to consider this decision carefully.

In Germany, every fourth marriage is divorced. It is therefore common for children to be brought up unplanned on their own. This fact encourages many women to be solo mothers from the beginning. Having children without a partner can be a challenging situation, but there are ways to make this dream a reality.

Option 1: Realize desire to have children without partner as a solo mother

One option is to
To become a solo mother
and make use of sperm donation. Either via a private donor or via a sperm bank. Many sperm banks also offer their services to single women who want to realize their desire to have children without a partner. The exact practice may vary depending on the sperm bank. Some sperm banks have certain criteria or requirements that must be met in order to use their services, while others are open to single women. Support from family, friends and professional networks can be helpful throughout the process. Interacting with other solo moms can also be valuable for sharing experiences and gaining support.

If you are interested in knowing the donor personally, for example to enable you to get to know him at a later date, you also have the option of looking for a
private sperm donor
for a private sperm donor. It is advisable to take your time to select the right dispenser that meets your expectations and criteria. Once a suitable donor has been found, a written agreement should be made between the single woman and the donor. This agreement should clarify legal issues, such as the transfer of parental rights and financial arrangements. It is advisable to seek legal advice in this regard to ensure that all legal aspects are adequately covered. Current laboratory tests must prove that the donor has no sexually transmitted diseases before insemination. The next step is the implementation of the sperm donation. This can be done either at home or under medical supervision. It is important to take all necessary hygienic and health precautions to maximize the likelihood of successful conception.

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Option 2: Implementing the desire to have children without a partner as co-parents

Another possibility is
. In this one, the mother shares parenting with another person with whom she shares a platonic friendship. Co-parenting can be very individualized. Therefore, it is important to get to know the future co-partner intensively and to exchange basic values, educational issues and views. A co-parenting agreement is also often entered into, which can serve as a guide in the event of later conflicts.

In summary, sperm donation offers a single woman the opportunity to fulfill her desire to have children despite the lack of a partner. Thorough planning, selection of a suitable donor and legal protection are crucial steps to maximize the chances of success and realize the dream of having your own child.

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