Fertility Compass:
5 steps to more clarity

When your desire to have a child gnaws at you, when you put it off from day to day, when time seems to be gradually running out – and you still don’t make any progress. Then you’ve come to the right place. Familyship’s Childbearing Compass picks you up where you are, takes you by the hand and guides you along. Promised. 5 steps you have to take, with others, alone and together with our experts. Start your journey today so you can see more clearly tomorrow.

Your wish is the first step towards your goal

You have decided to actively address your desire to have children. Congratulations. With this, you are already at step 1. Watch the video that I have prepared for you and your childbearing journey will begin.

Share with others about their desire to have children

Now I have scheduled an online consultation for you. It is led by Claudia, lasts one hour and up to seven people can participate. The point is that you formulate where you currently stand with your desire to have a child, what the problems are, what your insecurities and doubts are.

You will experience that other people are also stuck somewhere and that your feeling of being alone with your desire to have children is not that rare. This group often deals with topics such as failed love relationships, life dreams and whether one should continue to pursue one’s own desire to have children alone or whether it is also okay to let it go. Should you wish to stay in contact with the other participants beyond this online meeting, I have set up a room for you. Choose a date from the list below that suits you and book the date. Within 24 hours you will receive the dial-up data by e-mail.

There are currently no events.

What family forms suit you

Now it becomes informative. Who are you and what options are open to you for starting a family? With the Familyship Wizard, I show you what might suit you, what the particular life model is called and what it means exactly.

> to the Familyship Wizard

Go one step further

At this point, you’ve already done some work for yourself. You know where you stand, you know you’re not alone in this, you know what options are open to you. To further explore your point of view, I’ve scheduled another online consultation for you. Now you have the choice between three consultants.

  • Katharina is a clinical social worker and infertility counselor, and she focuses primarily on solo motherhood and sperm donation.
  • Jennifer is a fertility counselor and our expert on co-parenting.
  • Theodore facilitates an open group on empowerment.

All groups last an hour and are held with other people who have similar questions to yours. Select and book a consultation session below that is right for you. The dial-up data will be sent to you by e-mail within 24 hours.

There are currently no events.

Time for a decision…

Now you’re almost there. It’s up to you to make a decision now. If you don’t want to pursue your desire to have children any further, then your journey to having children ends at this point. If, on the other hand, you want to continue on your path and make it more concrete, then you now have enough tools at hand for how it can continue for you. Your path can lead you to a fertility clinic, to the youth welfare office or to the fertility community of Familyship. Whatever it may be, I wish you all the best!

I would be happy if you give me feedback if you liked my program or if you missed something.