Infertility counseling

Infertility counseling

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In Katharina Horn’s online consultation, you can ask your questions about wanting a child. Possible questions might include:

  • How do I/we educate the children?
  • What should I coordinate with the private sperm donor?
  • What questions do we need to have clarified in any case?
  • What are the ways of starting a family?
  • Could sperm bank donation be an option?
  • What criteria do I/we use to select the private sperm donor? What criteria do I use to select the recipient?
  • Dealing with prejudices
  • Help, I can not decide
  • And if it doesn’t work out?

You can reach Katharina Horn through our online consultations within a small group. If you need further advice, you can contact them via their website – but please note that this is not a service provided by Familyship.

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